the collected compositions of David D. Thompson
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  1. New! E-Symphony: This piece, which was composed in 1998, consists of four movements. You may download the fourth movement for free.

  2. New! Resurrection: Includes 11th Hour, which was inspired by Dave's opposition to the death penalty and Resurrection, which was meant to part of a collaboration with artist Karin Walland. Listen to samples or buy the CD.

  3. Dancing With White Horses: The 12 pieces of music on this CD were inspired by Dave's love of sailboat racing. The second song on this CD is called LoonSong. It was the name he gave the Sunfish hull he got from the dump. He raced her in every race at his local club from then on, winning three trophies with her during the 2006 racing season. He said of her, "She is tough and fast and one of my best friends." You can download this song as a free mp3 file, by clicking on it. This album was composed in 2003.

  4. The Edge of Chaos: Where all the interesting stuff happens. This CD contains seven compositions written in 2004 - including a piece for Dr. Carl Sagan! Listen to some samples, or buy the CD.

  5. Gotland: Techno-industrial is how Dave described the 13 pieces of music on this CD which was also composed in 2004. Listen to some samples, download a FREE mp3 or buy the CD.

  6. Prayer for the Cyberman: Dave was a big fan of Dr. Who and composed this piece in 2005. Listen to a sample, or buy the CD.

  7. Whom the Gods Would Destroy: Dave's final composition was written in 2006. Listen to some samples, download free mp3s or buy the CD.


Scores are available as pdf files which you can download and print. Following payment, you will receive an email with download instructions.

  1. Nocturne: This piano piece was composed between 1978-1979. Listen