the collected compositions of David D. Thompson
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Free Sheet Music

Unless noted, sound samples included here were not done by Dave and are only posted to give you an idea of how the music sounds.

  1. All Ways

    "We will always be together, I believe. Always loving, never parting, 'till the end of time...." Dave wrote the lyrics and the music to this song. Download score | Listen

  2. A Waltz For Sylvia

    This waltz is from a longer work called Nocturne which was composed between 1978-79. Download score | Listen

  3. Blue Stockings

    Scored for the kantele, this piece includes chords that can be played on the guitar. Download score | Listen

  4. Kitten In The Corner

    Dave wrote this children's lullaby for his youngest daughter. Download score | Listen

  5. Lonely Mountain

    This song was written for Dave's grandfather. Download score | Listen

  6. Love Is A Tall Ship

    Another kantele piece with chords for guitar. Download score | Listen

  7. Sailor's Waltz

    Download score | Listen