Lake Region Sailing Club

Deed of Gift

The Family of David D. Thompson of 42 Green St., Bridgton, ME gives to the Lake Region Sailing Club a Perpetual Trophy described as a 12" x 15” walnut plaque with a half hull, an engraved photo, and sixteen brass plaques. This trophy, to be named the Dave Thompson Memorial Trophy, is to be awarded to a member of the club who meets the qualifications described below. An 8” x 10” walnut keeper plaque with a half hull, or other appropriate award, will be provided and shipped to the club each year by the David D. Thompson family in order to be presented to the winner at the awards ceremony held at the end of each season. The Perpetual Trophy will be updated yearly by the Thompson family and by the Lake Region Sailing Club to include the current winner.

The purpose of this award is to recognize and honor a sailor who best embodies the spirit and dedication that Dave Thompson brought to the sport of sailing. Dave was one of those rare people who was always willing to do whatever needed doing. He wrote the sailing rule book and repaired old boats for his local club, wrote computer programs to help with scoring, taught people how to sail and was always willing to share whatever knowledge he had with others so that they could become the best sailors possible. Dave was especially interested in introducing new sailors to the sport and enjoyed the time he spent teaching youth. Dave, who passed away while competing in the 2006 World Championships, should be remembered for his determination to ensure that everyone interested in sailing could have the opportunity to participate. Therefore, in addition to the trophy, his family has also established a fund to sponsor sailors who want to compete at Regional, National and International events. This fund, which will be administered by the Commodore of the Lake Region Sailing Club, can also be used to help sailors purchase needed equipment at the local level.

The recipient of the trophy should show a passion for the sport of sailing, and a willingness and generosity to help other sailors and share their knowledge and experience with them. The winner will be selected by the Commodore of the Lake Region Sailing Club.

Dave Thompson's family will maintain a history of the trophy on his sailing webpage which can be found at

This perpetual trophy will be housed at the Lake Region Physical Therapy offices in Bridgton, ME.

In the event of insufficient interest on the part of competitors, or in the event that the Lake Region Sailing Club closes, the perpetual trophy should be returned to Dave Thompson's family.